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Getting Your Digital Art Printed - Some Good Options

Getting Your Digital Art Printed - Some Good Options

Digital download art prints are a great way to purchase beautiful, high-quality art at an affordable price. Talented artists are now able sell their art on platforms like Etsy, Society6 to name a few, giving us all access to incredible creativity.

But once you've downloaded your art print, you still need to get it printed.  Like many things these days, there are lots of options and it can get confusing to know what’s best. Here’s our take on ways to print your digital download art print.

Local Print Shop

Some people prefer to shop locally.  I get it.  In a face-to-face transaction, you can explain exactly what you want and get expert advice right there on the spot.  You are also supporting a small business in your community, and that’s a big plus.

Local printers can often provide you with high-quality prints on different types of paper or canvas, and depending on their services, you can even get your print matted and framed if you like.

Our tips when using a local printer:

  • Load your downloads onto an empty thumb drive - you should be able to easily drag and drop them from your laptop or computer.  This is how the printer will access your artwork.  Make sure to include all the size files sent to you - after consulting with your local print service, you may decide a larger/smaller print would be a better choice.
  • Westbrook Print Shop’s destination and travel prints look best on either a matte or low lustre photo paper type.  Stay away from glossy finishes if possible.
  • Since you’ll most likely be including our prints as a part of a Gallery Wall, bring the sketch of your gallery wall plan along with you.  Why? So the printer can offer tips on positioning, or framing with a mat that might affect the artwork size you eventually choose to print.

Online Print Services

If you prefer the convenience of ordering online, there are a ton of online print services that offer a wide range of printing options, including canvas prints, metal prints, and even custom framing.

The Pros of using an online printing service for your art prints:

  • The convenience of ordering online
  • You can shop around & choose the price point that works best for you
  • Online print services are always running discounts & promotions, which can really help you save.

Now, the cons:

  • Choosing can get a bit confusing - online print services are all a little different (paper type & quality, sizes,etc) 
  • Like most online services, there’s no availability to a real, live human expert.  And since the art printing process involves some choices that can be a little more technical in nature, it would be nice to have some assistance before plopping down your credit card.

What online printers do we like for printing Westbrook Print Shop destination and travel art prints?  We’ve tried many, and narrowed the choice down to these:

Giclee Today

Our top choice. Why? Reasonable prices, good service, a wide choice of paper styles (including canvas) and sturdy packaging so your print arrives in good shape.

For your Westbrook State, Country, Lake or other designs, we suggest the following choices when ordering from Giclee Today:

Paper:  Archival Matte paper - a thicker, smooth, neutral-white matte paper well-suited for our maps and prints.  Colors are true, and this paper has no ‘shine’.

Size :  Your chosen print size - remember to use the correct ratio file sent to by email you upon purchase, but here’s a quick recap:

  • 4by5 Ratio:  use this file for:  8x10, 11x14, 16x20
  • 3by4 Ratio:  use this file for: 5x7, 9x12, 18x24
  • 2by3 Ratio:  use this file for: 12x18, 20x30, 24x36

Delivery:  Giclee Today prints and ships within a day or 2, and we’ve always received our prints in under 7 days, often times sooner, depending on the UPS/USPS delivery service to your area and time of the year.


Another good option for printing your artwork.  Mpix offers a wide range of sizes and papers.  Here are our suggestions:

Paper:  From the main navigation bar, select ‘Prints’ and then “Giclee Prints’.  Then choose either Semi-Gloss or Deep Matte paper.  

Quality:  Great quality paper and printing.  

Delivery:  Mpix prints and ships within 2-3 days, and we’ve always received orders from them in under 7 days.

Other good online print service options include the following:


Nations Photo Lab


Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot also offer printing services. They have a variety of paper options, and you can choose to print your art on different sizes. You can also get your art print laminated or mounted. 

Our observation is that office supply stores are great at printing business cards, door hangers and signs, but are lacking in the print and paper quality you’d expect for an art print.  Just our opinion!


Printing artwork on your home printer is an option often recommended so we included it on this list.  But we don’t recommend it for art prints.  Why? You need a specialized printer that can handle larger/custom sizes, and have the spectrum of ink colors needed for a quality art print. Most people don't have a printer like this (that costs $1000 and up) at home.  So unless you’re a photographer or commercial artist, you just won’t have the equipment needed to turn out artwork worthy of hanging on your walls.  But once again, just including this as an option.

To close, there are many options for printing your digital download art print. Whether you choose a local print shop, online print service, or print at home, make sure you choose a high-quality printing option that will showcase your art in the best possible way.

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